Casing Jacks in Bonnyville

Safe and Reliable On-Site Service to Keep Your Site Running Smoothly

With our Casing Jacks in Bonnyville, you can be assured that safety, reliability, and efficiency are top priorities as they were strategically constructed with those in mind. Pipe Sliders Ltd. was created because there was a lack of safe and efficient operations in the industry, so we wanted to create a business that people could rely on.

Pipe Sliders Ltd. uses tools that can help in various situations. We know that things might not go according to plan, but we are here to help solve any problems that might come up on-site. We are committed to helping your job run smoothly and efficiently.

Our Line of Casing Jacks

Casing Jacks Bonnyville are versatile with interchangeable bottom plates to match different wellhead configurations. They are also able to run tubing or casing between the sizes of 1.90” (48.26 mm) and 9” (228.60 mm). We have 3 different units to choose from, depending on the size you need. Our Casing Jacks for the oil and gas industry have unique designs focused on providing safety and efficiency during push/pull operations.

For more information about Casing Jacks Bonnyville, please contact us. We look forward to working with you.

Unit 1

3000 LBS Hydraulic System
Pulling Capacity: 50decs/tons (100,000 pounds) up and 30decs/tons (60,000 pounds) down
Features: Fits in rig floor
Pipe Size: 1.9″ to 5 1/2″

Unit 2 & 3

4500 LBS Hydraulic System
Pulling Capacity: 80decs/tons (160,000 pounds) up and 50decs/tons (100,000 pounds) down
Features: Can be combined with a rotary head for cementing
Pipe Size: 1.9″ to 7″

Other Oilfield Services We Provide

Along with our Casing Jacks, Pipe Sliders Ltd. provides some other services to help your site run efficiently. Here’s what we offer:

Pull out Stuck or Broken Pipes

Overall Well Servicing


Running Casing

Open-hole Sidetracking

Plug and Abandonments (P&A)

Safe and Efficient Solutions With Our Casing Jacks

Why you should choose us:

It takes time to bring in weightier rigs, which cuts down on the efficiency of your job. We can help cut that time down which will also help bring costs down with our Casing Jacks in the oil and gas industry. In addition, our products will:

Extend the life of oil wells
Assist with swaging casing impairments at shallow depths
Use less time than other full-circle models.
Have superior pulling capacity.
Control mechanical assistance to reduce the risk to personnel.
And, you’ll have a safer performance without needing to bring in larger rigs.
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