Dimensions & Features

Our Casing Jacks’ Dimensions & Features

The dimensions & features of casing jacks are an important part of safety and efficiency for the job site. Additionally, they ensure the work keeps moving smoothly without any disasters. Casing jacks are specialized tools used to give support for pipes, pumps, and other equipment during drilling operations. Our casing jacks in Alberta are hydraulically powered and operated using a hydraulic pump. These units provide more power and can lift heavier loads than manual jacks.

Selecting The Right Unit For Your Job

When selecting a casing jack, consider the dimensions & features carefully. The most important measurement to take into account is the size of the casing jacks in Alberta. Your choice should be based on the size of the pipe or the equipment it will be supporting.

The weight capacity is another important feature to think about. Casing jacks are designed to support large loads, so make sure to select one with a weight capacity that exceeds the weight of the pipe or equipment. Our units range between 2200 lbs and 4400 lbs in weight capacity.

Finally, when selecting casing jacks in Alberta, make sure to choose one that meets your size, weight capacity, and feature requirements. With the right casing jack, you’ll be able to safely and efficiently complete your drilling operations. Contact Pipe Sliders to learn more about our casing jack’s dimensions & features.

Unit 1

3000 LBS Hydraulic System
Base – 30″ Long x 18″ Wide (76cm x 45cm)
Height – 80″ (203cm)
Weight – 2200 LBS
Lift – 49 daN
Push – 30 daN
Pipe Size – 1.9″ to 5 1/2″

Dimensions of unit 1 hydraulic system

Unit 2

4500 LBS Hydraulic System
Base – 39” Long x 18″ Wide (99cm x 45cm)
Height – 80″ (203cm)
Weight – 4400 LBS
Lift – 80 daN
Push – 50 daN
Pipe Size – 1.9″ to 7″

dimensions of unit 2 hydraulic system


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