Unit 1 (50 dNa)

Unit 1 Casing Jacks

Pipe Sliders Ltd’s unit 1 casing jack’s unique design was incorporated in response to various Oil Sands and Heavy Oil Operators seeking a safe and efficient means of providing a controlled mechanical assist during Push/Pull operations. Today’s technology is allowing heavy oil and IN SITU Operators to reach maximum horizontal depths. However, this contributes to an absence of Vertical Weight, especially during work over’s and “clean out to toe” procedures. As well as other situations encountered by our customers.

We appreciate the fundamental role that safety plays in operations, which is why our casing jacks in the oil and gas industry are lightweight and have a low footprint, that increases the line of sight to the wellhead. They have a self-contained power unit as well as an Internal Hydraulic System with no exposed hazards. Pull our units to free stuck tubular and tools at shallow depths where it’s considered too dangerous to conduct with the rigs blocks/draw-works.

Our unit 1 casing jacks for the oil and gas industry are versatile, with the ability to run between 1.90” (48.26 mm) and 9” (228.60 mm) tubing or casing. They also come with interchangeable bottom plates to match different wellhead configurations.

Always Improving Our Products

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our products and push our industry forwards. Pipe Sliders’ unit 1 casing jacks can help extend the producing life of wells by setting mechanical surface patches to isolate corroded casing and prevent further spreading. Furthermore, our units can assist with swaging casing impairments at shallow depths. Perfect for places where it has been proven challenging to push the swage through without the use of heavy weights. Our unit 1 casing jacks also feature shearing stuck tubing which helps insert pumps in a more controlled manner.

Our C-Plate shoes are designed to increase safety and save time on projects. With a unique horseshoe design, our units are used with ease compared to the more time-consuming and dangerous full-circle models. View

unit 1 casing jacks casing jacks unit 1unit 1
rawing of unit 1 casing jacks